European Initiative

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE works closely with young people, community leaders, businesses, NGOs and the media, as well as central and local governments, to:

  • create sustainable livelihoods through urban and rural community renewal and regeneration;
  • help citizens to apply the principles of area-based community-driven development, using output-based budgeting;
  • assist local communities to create SMEs and encourage social entrepreneurship with which to establish non-state employment opportunities;
  • promote cross-border cooperation, particularly in conflict and post-conflict affected areas; and
  • improve local governance as a way of assisting ordinary people to achieve their basic human rights.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE is not just another NGO or Think Tank. It acts as an anchor and mentor for a network of voluntary organisations in transition countries that have a common interest in facilitating change at local community level.

As a registered UK-based charity (No. 1096614), EUROPEAN INITIATIVE's pro-active approach is holistic. Operating at grass roots level, it acts as a facilitator with state and non-state actors to build trust and provide vision, as well as to:

  • identify the change process that will eradicate poverty;
  • empower disadvantaged communities in rural and urban spaces to regenerate their local resources through community and civil society capacity building, as well as through the development of democracy and participation;
  • mediate between different groups of people and communities that are in conflict, particularly over ownership of water, land, forestry and the environment, as well as the rights to their use; and
  • support the formation and development of resource users' groups, irrespective of gender, assisting them to shape group operating rules that will be in the best interests of all members.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE directs its assistance towards groups of people who have identifiable interests and needs, as well as are at risk and in need of assistance. It helps them to lobby, offer mutual support or self-help, network, exchange information, mobilise financial resources and technical inputs, create pressure for change, provide public education/other services and, where appropriate, establish themselves as a legal entity/organisation.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE works with civil society organisations (CSOs) in newly emerging democracies to: increase their capacity to influence policy-making; take actions that will shape policy; promote debate within civil society about the process of drafting laws and public policies; increase awareness of public authorities of the need to create an environment for participatory democracy; and seek closer ties with Europe and its institutions. Leaders with which EUROPEAN INITIATIVE works include young journalists, police officers, government administrators, political party staff, business community leaders, civil society activists and local members of international organizations.

Since 1996, EUROPEAN INITIATIVE has worked with small communities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo and the Ukraine, as well as in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It recently helped to register NGOs in Montenegro and Kosovo, and is looking to provide similar support in other countries of Wider Europe, including Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Turkey and the MENA countries. Further details on EUROPEAN INITIATIVE's project experience are given under Projects.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE supports the European LEADER Association for Rural Development.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE has managed funds on behalf of donors.

Individuals, community leaders, businesses, CSOs and NGOs, as well as others in the 3rd sector and 4th estate, central, regional and local governments, as well as state/non-state actors, partners and stakeholders in different networks, are invited to start a dialogue with EUROPEAN INITIATIVE, after which it will do what it can to help them help themselves to resolve their local problems.

EUROPEAN INITIATIVE cooperates with its sister organisations, RURAL SPACE & INFRASTRUCTURE and WIDER EUROPE.